Ion command lines

# create key for app
php bin/ion make:key
# create jwt key
php bin/ion make:key --jwt
# create new model in database/model folder
php bin/ion make:model `name`
#create new provider on database/provider folder
php bin/ion make:provider `name`
# create new provider add call method in api file
# must api file in version folder called Api.php
php bin/ion make:provider `name` --api=`version_folder`
# create new seeder in database/seeder folder
php bin/ion make:seeder `name`
Super panel
# install super admin panel with design in folder super
php bin/ion install:super
Schema dump
# create sql dump file in database/migration folder
php bin/ion schema:dump
# add database to command to choose connection name
# add path where you want to save dump file must full path
# add prune to delete all schema files after create dump file
Migration run
# create migration system called to run all schema class run up or dowm
# default is up
php bin/ion migrate
# add database to command to choose connection name
# add install to create migration table in database if it not found
# add refresh to run down command in schema classes
# rollback for database dump file from migration table
php bin/ion migrate:rollback
# add database to command to choose connection name
# add step to run back more than one step
Schema class
# create schema file in database/schema folder
php bin/ion make:schema `name`
# create controller in any folder in app
# default web/controller
# default create html file in twig tempale
php bin/ion make:control `name`
# add path to choose where to create
# add sub to choose what sub folder in controller wat to add to
# default in controller folder
# add smarty to add as smarty template